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The chief purpose of the International Associations Centre (IAC-MAI) is to provide facilities to welcome and accommodate non-profit associations and NGO'S. We are therefore offering offices for rent in collaboration with the FAIB.

Meeting Rooms

The International Associations Centre (IAC-MAI) has a complete infrastructure of meeting rooms which can accommodate up to 250 people. These rooms are constituted as an entity distinct from the rest of the building and are all situated on the ground floor, except for Commission Rooms 3, 5 and 6 which are on the first floor of the Centre. All our meeting rooms are, of course, accessible to people with limited mobility, as is the entire Centre.


International associations can request domiciliation at the International Associations Centre (MAI), under the following conditions : membership of the Federation of European and International Associations established in Belgium (FAIB) and payment of the FAIB subscription giving access to the services of the IAC-MAI.

Creation of the International Association Centre

Today, some 1,700 international non-profit associations have established their headquarters in Belgium. As early as 1907, the government of the time had envisaged the creation of a "Palace of International Associations".

Plans were prepared, modified many times, set aside during two world wars, taken up again, and finally given formal approval in 1982. The International Associations Centre (IAC-MAI) was created by royal decree of 8 December 1982 in the form of an establishment of public utility (today it is a foundation of public utility) .