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Conditions of domiciliation.

International associations may request domiciliation of correspondence at the International Associations Centre, under the following conditions :

  1. Having membership of the Federation of European and International Associations established in Belgium
  2. Having paid the rate of subscription to FAIB which gives access to the services of the MAI-IAC

Details should be requested from the FAIB, at the same address as MAI-IAC.

Request for domiciliation should be addressed to the MAI-IAC and a contract should be signed.

The rates for domiciliation are as follows :

  • for a locked letter box : € 31,49 / month including VAT 
  • for an open "pigeon hole" : € 21,49  / month including VAT

In general, a contract for domiciliation is for an indefinite period. However, it can be ended at any time by giving one month’s notice.

If the payment for the service is not made, we shall have no hesitation in returning the correspondence to its sender.

The bill for the service will be sent annually in advance.  If the contract is ended during the course of the year, the difference will be refunded to the user by means of a credit note and taking into account the required period of notice.

The correspondence must be collected regularly by the association using the service, the MAI-IAC will not be responsible for forwarding the correspondence, except, on request, for official correspondence to associations with headquarters in other countries. We strongly recommend that you should note on your letterhead and on all your documents the telephone number of your own office, so that your correspondents do not telephone mistakenly to the IAC when they wish to reach you.